Hi-Jazz Italy.A stunning new production centre designed for the most advanced needs of professionals in the sector of Italian and international jazz.
AlfaMusic and Forward Studios have made four recording studios available to producers and artists, as well as a mastering studio that is fully equipped with the most avant-garde technology, and a team of highly qualified technicians with twenty years of experience in producing music.
The know-how, professionalism and experience of two major players in the world of music production have now come together to offer a wide range of services, in an environment that is specially conceived to satisfy the most advanced technological and artistic requirements, in addition to the needs of the market.
In the relaxed setting of the Castelli Romani, just a few minutes from Rome, a new and unique experience has begun.
An extraordinary range of analogical and digital audio technologies is now available in an exclusive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which encourages concentration and stimulates creativity.